Data Management & Advanced Analytics Specialist Services

Data management modernization with actionable insights & innovation focussed ideas

The current market conditions forces businesses to relie on data for both internal operationals and as well as for making products and services relevent to customers.

Business alignment to customer and market conditions are at a higher priority than ever.

The data management and data warehouse supports business goals and improves existing capabiltiy to handle

  1. Greater capacity for growing data, users, reports, analyses, etc
  2. Modern practices for analytics (mining, statistics, graph; not OLAP)
  3. Operationalising AI

Iseedea offers a range of data and analytical solutions

  1. Architecture Design & Data Management Planning
    1. Data Strategy
    2. Data Architecture Design
  2. Iot Solution
    1. Iot Architecture Design And Implementation
    2. Iot Analytic Solutions
  3. Data Management Solutions
    1. Realtime & Mirco Batch Data Processing
    2. Batch Processing
    3. Data Quality & Master Data Management
    4. Big Data Solutions
    5. Data Warehouse Design And Management
  4. Information Extraction
    1. Information And Kownledge Management Solutions
    2. Semantics / Ontological Solutions
  5. Analytics Solutions
    1. Bi Solutions
    2. Data Science Solutions
  6. Data Solutions Project Management
  7. Data Product Development

Our service feature include

  1. Single Repository Strategy
  2. Enable Extension of the Data Architecture to Acquire Streaming and Cloud-Born External Data
  3. Developing a Comprehensive Analytics Environment That Spans From Traditional Reporting to Prescriptive Analytics