We are Iseedea

A Data Management & Analytics Company

We make it easier for you to plan and execute your strategy for data driven enterprise transformation. Our expertise in data management solutions will help you improve the speed, accuracy, consistency and transparency of your data driven decision making.

Our strategic solution is aligned to your business objectives, giving a clear pathway to your company, becoming a smart enterprise. At each stage of the journey, our tactical plans are accommodative of the changing analytical landscape to weather any market disruption. We can help you with ,



A Strategic Partnership as You Make Your Way Towards Becoming a Data Driven Smart Company

Strategic Data Driven Transformation Consulting

Analytics development that can support and enhance human decision making

Data Management & Advanced Analytics Specialist Services

Solutions and skills for massive data integration to break down organizational silos.

Research Data Management Services

A partnership to reduce the risks of innovation will help industries adopt smart analytics at a faster pace

Key Messages

Synergising Insights & Ideas


ISEEDEA helps data & analytics transformation efforts by opening new avenues to implement a well thought out strategic plans.
We are focused on improving the speed, accuracy, consistency, and transparency of data-driven decisions of our customers resulting in transformation by fueling discovery and innovation

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Our Process

Analyse , Target and Clarify/Review Benefits


  • Set goals and objectives for the transformation/programme
  • Define a vision for digital transformation contribution
  • Align business and analytical goals
  • Create a conversion model - revenue benefit analysis
  • Define performance dashboard

  • Review data platform swot & innovation swot
  • Review digital transformation strategy
  • Conduct competitor analysis & define performance dashboard
  • Technology landscape analysis
  • Review market place trends

  • Review innovation effectiveness
  • Create innovation budget
  • Create acquisition strategy
  • Optimize analytics feedback channels
  • Change manage insight operationalisation

  • Removing hurdles to operationalization
  • Reviewing techniques to engage with end users
  • Record solutions and opportunities
  • Select the best outcomes
  • Provide monitoring schedule for performance management

Our Solution Features

Agile Management & Processes for a Shifting Data & Analytics Transformation Landscape


Transparent and Agile Process


Flexible Engagement Model


Time Bound Implementation