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User Centric Software Solutions

Several independent studies on software usability indicates that a significant number of softwares developed have not been successful. At iseedea we are wary of this fact and have adopted a problem solution and user centric approach in providing our solutions. We work with you very closely to understand your business challenges and set meaningful objectives. We provide you solutions that are innovative, technically advanced but yet simple and usable.

Our Approach

At Iseedea we follow an Agile development process to ensure high level of stakeholder involvement, constant focus on end objectives and swift and staged delivery of functions to enable your business.

How our solutions help your business?

Iseedea offers software development solutions which are closely coupled and integrated with
your existing business workflows and provides key input for business decisions at every stage making the overall solution an essential one for business.

How our solutions deliver

Our user experience and design engineering takes a user centric approach in understanding the end user characteristics and identifies required features to make them efficient and productive. We strive for an optimal resource utilisation trying to remove any resource redundancy and process duplicity.

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