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Smart Care

I consider Iseedea Solutions an extension of my marketing team. They are responsive, creative and thoughtful in their approach and recommendations…it’s nice to depend on their expertise.
Jagadish,Managing Director,
Smartcare electro services pvt ltd.
Services Offered: 
Branding, Collaterals, Art Work, Webdesign

SmartCare services is one of a kind after sales, service providing company and a service consultant. A new startup offering unique customer satisfaction proposition to business required a trustworthy, agile and friendly brand positioning. 


Iseedea developed a brand mark which would symbolise the relationship between SmartCare and their customers/clients. 
SmartCare Brand Mark


In order to evoke professionalism and friendliness for the viewer, Iseedea proposed a Modern Sans typeface for the word "Smart" and an informal script typeface for the word "Care"

SmartCare Font

Brand Color

SmartCare is in the services sector which requires company to instil trust, reliability and friendliness.


The tagline was chosen which is descriptive in nature aptly embodies the value SmartCare offers. 

Services Made Easy

Design Collaterals

Brand touch points such as collaterals form a lasting impression among SmartCare audience. Being a startup the content for all the touchpoint are repurposed in a manner that is purpose fit to the audience it was intended to. 

Wall Design

SmartCare wanted to have their employees believe in the purposeful leadership the company provides in delivering a high level of customer satisfaction. To orient their employees to a resposible leadership vision, SmartCare decorated their office environment giving a youthful, energetic and bold wall designs. Iseedea wall designed SmartCare office premises staying firmly on the company brand message.