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ENR Global

Services Offered: 
Rebranding, Website Redesign, Content Management Solution


Iseedea repositioned and clarified the brand positioning ENR Global needed to take for their future growth. All of the brand touch points stayed on the same message of ENR Global being a trusted, knowledgeable and gives a personalised service. 
Brand tone of voice more confident and trustworthy, required for a company dealing with C-level executives. 

Website Redesign

Iseedea developed a content marketing blue print as a plan which would help ENR Global achieve the objective of maximising their brand awareness and brand preference.
The content hub in all will help strategically deliver user centred content and carry out online marketing campaign.
As part of their emotional branding effort and to own corporate social responsibility, ENRGlobal needed to align with a cause relevent to their sector.
The website  reflects this association, significantly improving their standing with respect to their competitors.

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Content Management Solution

ENRGlobal required a software platform that would enable them to accelerate their content marketing initiatives. Iseedea delivered a system that facilitated ENRGlobal for more content distribution and publish more content, helping ENR Global to get found faster by more people, create deeper engagement, and scale leads.